A Cold Summer Night

Just a quick update this evening.  Last night, the temperature dropped to 38.6F making the minimum temperature for July 1, 2020 the second coldest July temperature I have ever measured in my 10 years of weather records here in Nederland, Colorado. That is for the entire month of July. Here is how the numbers breakdown:




July 1, 2018 holds the record for the coldest July temperature I have measured, ringing in at 35.9 F.


It is possible that some sheltered locations along South, Middle, and North Boulder Creeks got cold enough (perhaps around 34 F) to actually see a light frost. Any night in the summer where it actually gets chilly is always a treat.


We are still on track for showers and thunderstorms for the holiday weekend.  Moisture will be creeping back into the Front Range Foothills over the next few days. Some of the storms on the Fourth of July and again on Sunday may produce heavy rain and localized flooding. Here is the Weather Underground forecast:



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  1. Nick

    So what makes nederland(Brainard Lake area) so cold/so snow for so long? Seems like plenty of other areas throughout the state that are even higher altitude melt out so much sooner. Why?

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