The Winter Winds Return to Nederland

As of this writing, the Bora winds are howling outside of our home here in Nederland, Colorado.  They are only gusting to 32 mph right now – not nearly as strong as they can get in the winter here. However, as I mentioned a few posts ago, this will be a La Nina winter, and these tend to be very windy. These windy days will become more frequent over the next few months.

There is something unnerving about days upon days of endless wind.  This is one of the things in my opinion that makes La Nina winters so bleak east of the Continental Divide.  There tends to not be as much snow, but there sure is a lot of wind.  It could be my imagination, but it seems like many more houses are for sale here in Nederland in the Spring and Summer after a windy winter.

It is difficult to work on outside home improvement projects when the winds get going around here.  Today I was putting in a new window. I just got it nailed in and caulked when the temperature dropped 20 F, snow started to fall, and the winds began to blow:



Aside from some wind and the little bit of snow and rain that fell today, the weather looks to be dry and unexciting for much of the upcoming week.  And this little bit of moisture will do nothing to alleviate our drought and heightened fire danger.  Monday will be another chilly day, but daytime temperatures should be climbing back into the low 60s F by Wednesday before a reinforcing shot of cold air arrives on Thursday.  Here is the Weather Underground forecast for Nederland:




The Climate Prediction Center’s 8 to 14 day outlook at least offers some hope for a return to more seasonable temperatures.  I think we have seen our last 70 F degree day here in Nederland until late April:










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