Warm August Evenings

Early August in the mountains can feature relatively warm days and nights even at the higher elevations of the Front Range town like Nederland.Most nights this time of year see nighttime temperatures in the low 50s with highs in the mid 70s. Not too uncomfortable considering the lower dewpoints and and relative humidities. This time of year, the predominant source of moisture is from the Southwestern Monsoon. Plumes of monsoonal moisture periodically filter northward into Colorado during the mid-to-late summer. This moisture, combined with strong heating from the summer sun results in afternoon thunderstorms. This pattern is regular enough to make summer weather in the Front Range fairly predictable.  The biggest challenges are determine when there is enough moisture for afternoon rain and how heavy that rain will potentially be. Monsoonal moisture will be hit or miss over the next few days with the best chance of rain on Friday and Saturday.

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