Feeling Just a Little Tropical in Ned

The long awaited, much anticipated summer monsoon in the Southwestern United States is paying a visit to Nederland and surrounding Front Range foothills bringing with it much needed showers and thunderstorms. This plume of moisture stretches all the way from Arizona, across northern New Mexico, and into Colorado and the Central Plains states. It appears that this wet weather will remain with us through much of the weekend. If it feels a little more humid than usual when you step outdoors it is not your imagination. Dewpoint temperatures – a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air – will be high. If you exercise, you may even break out in a sweat.

The forecast models are tending to position the heaviest and most persistent rains across central and southern Colorado on Saturday and Sunday. However, even in the northern Front Range Foothills there will be plenty of moisture and instability. If the sun manages to come for a few hours each morning, as it usually does here in Colorado, then afternoon rain will likely fall in most locations along the Continental Divide in Colorado. It is the southern parts of our state, however, that will need to be monitored for flash flooding potential.

The clouds and precipitation will help to keep temperatures down this weekend with highs around 70 and lows in the lower 50s. Although a drying trend is expected for the first half of next week, temperatures should remain below normal! Not only does the monsoon bring rain, but it also brings cooler temperatures.

Enjoy the rain! Keep that umbrella close by!

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