Windy Days: Autumn has Arrived!

Although Nederland enjoyed another weekend of splendidly mild weather, a sure sign that the cooler months are approaching is the increase in the number of windy days.  Nederland experiences a majority of its windy days from Autumn through Spring. In addition to downing trees and power lines, these winds pose another risk in the form of heightened wild fire danger, especially when conditions are warm and dry. Wild fire is a fact of life for residents in the Colorado Front Range Foothills, and because of this everyone looks forward to the cooler Autumn days when the first snowfalls help to moisten the forests. Unfortunately, the start of this week will feature strong winds and low humidity, and there has not been much precipitation over the past few weeks.

The strong winds and fire danger will diminish later on Monday as cooler air begins to filter into Nederland and northeastern Colorado.  A stronger shot of colder will arrive Tuesday afternoon. Snow showers are possible Tuesday night, but accumulating snow should stay along and west of the Continental Divide. This colder weather will be short lived. It may sound too good to be true, but mild temperatures will return later in the week.

It still appears that a stormier pattern may set in later in October, but that is a few weeks a way. Until then, enjoy the unusually mild fall weather.  Don’t forget to tie down any loose objects on your deck! The Nederland winds are coming!




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