What Happened to August??

The first 10 days of August have featured temperatures that have felt much more like September than early August. Also, the summer monsoon and its associated rains, which had been largely absent from Nederland and the nearby Front Range foothills for the first half of summer, has returned in force. I’ve measured 1.82 inches of rain since August 1st. This wet and cooler weather brings welcome relief to our parched landscape and has helped to reduce fire danger.

Moisture will remain in place across Northern Colorado through the weekend although afternoon showers and thunderstorms should be more isolated than they have been this week. Temperatures will continue to be pleasant with highs in the low 70s and lows in the upper 40s to near 50. The mornings should offer some great hiking weather. However, as always in Colorado, watch the sky during the afternoon hours and plan on being below tree line by noon.

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  1. John Records

    Hi Bryon:

    I’m the guy at Friday night’s Nederland talk whose son (Mike) is a USGS hydrologist. My email is johnwrecords@gmail.com. Thanks for your presentation tonight. Here are some links to info on USGS work in Alaska that Mike’s involved in, and his own site that has some amazing photography






    1. admin

      Hi, John,

      Thanks for the links, especially the one to your son’s site. His pictures are amazing! It was great to meet you! It is always fun to talk with people who are interested in the weather.


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