Tranquil Weather Prevails!

The mild weather pattern which has predominated over the Front Range Foothills will continue this week with temperatures remaining slightly above normal. Little precipitation is expected over the next several days as the storm track remains well to the north of Colorado. The copious amounts of precipitation in the form of coastal rain and mountain snow will continue in Washington, Oregon and Northern California, but most of this moisture will track well to the north of our region. Instead, high pressure will prevail over the Central Rockies.

If October seemed drier and warmer than normal, you are right. With just 0.39 inches of precipitation and 3.1 inches of snow, Nederland is well below the average 1.5 inches of precipitation, 8.2 inches of snowfall for October. The average temperature for October 2016 rings in at 47.3 F, 3.1 degrees above the normal of 44.2 F.  Unfortunately, this leaves us high and dry as we swing into November.

As for November, the average temperature is 32.8 F, precipitation is 0.8 inches, and snowfall is 10.7 inches. ¬†We’ll see… A dry start to the cold season in the Front Range is not a good indicator of how the rest of the winter will go. In the meantime, we’ll keep looking for a break in this stubborn mild and dry steak of weather.




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