Seasonable Temperatures Return this Week

After a cool weekend complete with low clouds, periods of upslope fog, and occasional breaks of sunshine, temperatures will be returning to more seasonable levels for this time of year. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the warmest days with afternoon temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 70s, just about normal for this time of year. By Friday, the leading edge of slightly cooler air should push southward across Colorado bringing more moisture and the chance of a shower of thunderstorm. Until then, though, there should be plenty of sunshine.

It is about this time that folks in the Front Range foothills start thinking about the upcoming summer monsoon.  We are still in a fairly active pattern featuring cold front passages every five days or so. Also, the winds aloft, above 15000 feet are still relatively strong from the west.  Monsoonal conditions become more favorable when moisture from the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of California, and Gulf of Mexico can infiltrate into the central and southern Rockies. Our winds at the moment and probably for the next week at least are not favorable to support this. However, the relatively strong and southern position of the jet stream, can help to enhance any thunderstorms which do form.

Keep your eye on the sky! It is summer in Ned, but winter is never too far away when you live at 8200 feet.



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