Record October Snowfall in Nederland

October 2018 brought above normal temperatures and record snowfall to Nederland, Colorado. Based on my 9 years worth of data collected since 2010, our monthly total snowfall of 23.7 inches was over double the average monthly snowfall of 10.2 inches. Our second snowiest October was last year, in 2017, when we received 21.1 inches of snow. Here are the snowfall, total precipitation, and average temperature for the last nine Octobers:

Nederland October Climatology   
YearAverage TemperatureTotal PrecipitationTotal Snowfall

Interesting patterns emerge when you start examining meteorological data over long periods of time. For example, notice that the average temperature for the last 3 Octobers was exactly 47.3 F. Also, our wettest October was in 2015 but the snowfall was only 1.4 inches, meaning that most of the precipitation fell as rain that month. October 2014 featured the least amount of snow when I measured only 0.1 inches. 2015-2016 was a very strong El-Nino winter, while this winter is shaping up to have a moderate strength El-Nino.

Any way you slice and dice the data, the 2.18 inches of liquid precipitation last month was welcome relief from the dry weather we have experienced this year. The lighter autumn precipitation and snow melt are beneficial for replenishing soil moisture and increasing water tables. The first half of November is not looking particularly stormy, but that could change. Here’s to hoping for more snow the next few months!





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