Cool and Fall Like Weather in the Hills this Week

If you are like me, then you were getting tired of summer. Those hot days of August and early September were growing just a little old. The next few days will feel like fall. Of course, there does not appear to be any snow in the forecast (you can’t ask for everything), but it will be almost cold enough to snow. Yay!

A cold front pushed through Northern Colorado early this morning, and on balance Monday was sunny but chilly, cooler than what was forecast.  The mercury here in Nederland reached 58 F after an early morning low of 36 F. As the cold air becomes more entrenched on Tuesday, temperatures will struggle to reach the mid 40s F. The amount of sunshine versus cloud cover we see will influence just how warm it gets, and right now it appears that we will see a thin layer of stratocumulus clouds develop much like we saw on Monday afternoon. A few showers will be possible, but anything that falls should be light. Tuesday night will be the coldest night with lows dipping to near 30 F. Temperatures will moderate slightly on Wednesday with highs in the low 50s F.

Beyond that daytime temperatures will moderate back into the 60s F for Thursday and Friday before another cold front pays us a visit this weekend. This one also looks to be dry. In fact, it is looking pretty dry for the next few weeks.  The GFS total precipitation map through Wednesday, October 16th, shows almost no precipitation for us. That is depressing, but at least it will be cooler:



The aspen are now slightly pass peak color here in Nederland. If you haven’t already, take some time to enjoy the fall foliage!



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