Batten Down the Hatches: The Chinooks are Here!

After a cold and icy start to the week, winds will be strengthening on Halloween night and continue to be strong and gusty though Wednesday. Any trick or treaters out Tuesday night will need to keep a tight grip on their costumes and candy as the Chinook winds howl like ghosts and banshees. Aside from bringing some Halloween fright, these winds, which could gust up to 80 mph in wind prone areas, may topple trees and cause power outages. A deep low in the mid levels of the atmosphere will slowly track across the Unites States/Canadian border over the next 24 hours. This storm combined with a cold front sagging southward over Wyoming will result in tightening thermal and pressure gradients and strengthening northwesterly winds over the Front Range mountains and foothills. Seasoned residents of Nederland are used to days of incessant winds. Still, the sounds of a house creaking and groaning against the relentless Chinooks can give pause even to an old timer.

The winds will gradually subside Wednesday night and will be followed by tranquil and milder weather Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The leading edge of colder air will approach the region on Sunday bringing an increased chance of clouds and precipitation.

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